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My Appalachian Trail Gear List.  I have successfully hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 152 days!!!  I won’t say I know everything there is to know about gear, but I can say this.  What I had, worked for me, and I finished.  That, in itself, should say a lot.

Some Amazon Affiliate links.  I have also listed originating websites link and cost.  Hope this is helpful!


1)  ULA Circuit - I used the ULA Circuit (2.2 lbs.)  It tore near the insert for the back (not a big deal), but became an uneven load to carry.  Many hikers used this pack on the trail with no quarrels.  I recommend it for someone who wants to go ULTRA-light (total pack weight of 25 lbs).  Weight - 2.2 lbs.  Cost - $235.00 from ULA-equipment.com

  2)  Backpack - Osprey Exos 58 -    I ended up switching to the Osprey Exos 58 at 2.4 lbs (2.05 stripped down), it’s still lightweight, and can fit A LOT more in it.  Weight - 2.4 lbs.  Cost - $219.99 from Amazon, $220 from Ospreypacks.com

 Raincover - Ayamaya 45-65L rain cover - 
Weight - 3.7 oz (seriously ultralight).  Cost - $7.99 from Amazon

      Tent – MSR HUBBA 1P Tent (2 lb 7 oz, down to 1 lb. 10 oz.)  This lasted me the entire trip, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS TENT!  Weight - 2 lb 7 oz.  Cost - $349.95 from MSRgear.com, $313.63 from Amazon (10.4% off)

   Groundcloth - MSR Hubba NX Footprint (for under tent) 7 oz.  I highly recommend using a groundcloth with any tent if you are thinking about a long distance trip.  Will help to save the fabric on the bottom from wear and tear.  Weight - 0.35 lbs.  Cost - $39.95 from MSRgear.com, $32.97 from Amazon (18% off)

   Sleeping bag (winter)Western Mountaineering Sycamore ($470) – expensive is worth is when you are camping in the cold!  I hiked in 2.5 ft of snow, and the temps hit downwards of 13 degrees.  Weight - (Regular 25*) 2 lbs.  Cost - $470 at westernmountaineering.com, $469.95 from Amazon

  Sleeping bag linerSea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Plus  (adds 20* warmth)  Honestly, I sent this home after the Smokey Mountains.  Weight - 9.3 oz.  Cost $62.95 at REI, $62.95 from Amazon

   Sleeping PadThermarest NeoAir Xlite (Regular) (Lightest for long trips, mine lasted the entire AT).  One of the most important items for a good night sleep outside of your tent and sleeping bag.  If you can save a pound with some new technology, it's worth the extra money in my book.  At $160, this is a little more expensive than most sleep pads, but weighing in at 12 oz, it gets my vote.  *Note - Had a small leak in pad by Massachusetts (1500 miles into the hike), returned to REI for brand new one, no questions asked.  Weight - 12 oz.  Cost - $159.95 at Thermarest.com, $152.99 from Amazon

What I'm wearing

Shoes + Insoles -

   Shoes (Trail Runners)- Saloman Xa Pro 3d Ultra II Trail Running Shoes  - I recommend these shoes for all types of hikers.  My reasoning is you can hike almost all terrain in a good pair of trail runners.  Snow, rain, you name it.  Not only will your feet get wet no matter what type of boot you wear (if you're doing a long distance hike, it's inevitable), but the mesh trail runners are the first to dry out, and save your knees and hips from a lot of pain later on by reducing the weight compared to boots.  Just a pound can make a big difference.  I used 2 pairs to hike the entire trail, got new ones at Harpers Ferry, and a new pair after finishing the hike.  The 2 year warranty that Salomon offers is one of the best out there, and they will take care of you.  After my first pair, the rest of the shoes were free.  Weight - 12.7 oz.  Cost - $130 from Salomon.com, $103.95 from Amazon (20% off).

  Insoles -Superfeet Green.  Superfeet saved my thru-hike, and I believe I hiked the entire trail because of them.  They are worth checking out.  They have a couple options, but Green are some of the toughest.  Weight - 4.8 oz.  Cost - $49.95 from Amazon

  Socks - 2 pairs Darn Tough Vermont Men's 1/4 Merino Wool Cushion Hiking Socks.  Weight - 6 oz.  Cost - $18.00 from DarnTough.com$16.95 from Amazon (5% off)

  Underwear - Exofficio give and go mesh briefsPrevent the chafe.  You will thank me later.  Exofficio are THE BEST underwear to hike in.  I started off with regular briefs and barely survived.  I switched to these and they were a life changer.  Weight - 3.4 oz.  Cost - $26.00 from Amazon, $26.00 from Exofficio.com

  SS ShirtPatagonia Mens Merino Silkweight T-shirt  Weight - 3.5 oz.  Cost - $41.00 on Patagonia.com

LS ShirtSmartwool Mens NTS 250 Zip T Weight - 8 oz.  Cost - $99.95 from Amazon, $100.00 from Smartwool.com

  Shorts - Neleus men's dry fit w/pockets.  3.8 oz.  No need to get fancy here, most of my years hikers ended up buying womens shorts because of the built in underwear.  But I still went with these.  $16.38 from Amazon

  Trekking polesBlack Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork 1 lb 2 oz. I cannot stress this enough, trekking poles will save your knees and joints on long distance hikes.  This specific type of trekking poles were the MOST popular on the trail, as they left no blisters on your hands.  The price is worth it.  Black diamond is a great company.  $169.95 from Amazon, 169.95 from Blackdiamondequipment.com

  Wallet - No, this isn't a joke.   'Quart sized' ziplock bags will become the most cherished of items - holds wallet/phone/headphones - Replace as needed.  $.12 ea (25 bags) from Amazon.

WatchSuunto Core Ultimate Black - 8 oz.  (records temp/altitude/compass/provides sunrise/sunset info).  If you're into gear and tech, this watch is for you.  Will tell you what temperature you slept in last night when you thought it was freezing (hint, it was).  Weight - 8 oz.  $359.00 from Suunto.com or $289.95 from Amazon (19% off).

Bandana - 1 oz.


  Stuff sack - 8 L Sea to Summit stuff sack  Doubles as pillow, keeps all clothes dry, Used a total of 3 of these, and 1 20 Liter for food.  Weight - 2 0z.  Cost - $17.95 from REI, $17.95 from Amazon

  Cold weather jacket/pillow - Patagonia New Nano Puff Hooded Jacket Mens (L)  Yes, this doubled as my pillow during the night while inside a stuff sack.  All you need.   Side note, I was a little cold through the winter in the Smokey Mountains (in March), if you are leaving later, this will be sufficient.  Weight - 12.6 oz.  Cost -  $220.08 from amazon (sale 11% off), $249.99 from Patagonia.com

  Underwear - extra pair (Exofficio)  Weight - 3.4 oz.  Cost - $26.00.

  Long Underwear - Icebreaker Mens Everyday Leggings with Fly.   Necessary if traveling in cold.  (It hit 13 at night on the Appalachian Trail, and some days were below freezing as well).  Weight - 8 0z.  Cost - $69.30 from Amazon, $70.00 from Icebreaker.com

Short Sleeve Shirt - polyester T shirt for camp - 4 oz.

Gloves -Smartwool Liner Gloves2.3 oz.

  Socks - 2 pairs Darn Tough Vermont Men's 1/4 Merino Wool Cushion Hiking Socks.  Weight - 6 oz.  Cost - $18.00 from DarnTough.com$16.95 from Amazon (5% off)

Rain Jacket - Patagonia Mens Torrentshell Jacket 12.6 oz.  Used for an entire 5 months on trail, kept me dry 🙂

Eating and Drinking

Water containers - 1 L water bottle and Osprey Hydraulics 2Liter Resevoir11.2 oz.

Water Treatment - Aquamira drops 1 oz.

  Water purification - Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system.  Halfway through the Appalachian trail, I grabbed a this because it seemed like everyone else had them, and they didn't have to wait 20 minutes after putting drops in them.  I still use the Sawyer, I highly recommend it, but there are many options out there.  Weight - 3 oz.  Cost - $29.99 from Amazon, $39.99 at REI

  Stove - Jetboil Minimo.  Weight - 14.6 oz - comes with it's own pot.  Cost - $99.99 from Amazon, $134.95 at Jetboil.com

  Pot - Jetboil Minimo - Weight - (*Included in original 14.6 oz.)  I recently switched over to the Jetboil Minimo It has not disappointed!  It cooks meals quicker than the snowpeak, and comes with it's own pot.  Cost - Included in above cookset.

  Bear line - 50 ft paracord.  Weight - 4 oz.  Cost - $6.49 from Amazon, $5.35 from REI

  Utensil - Sea to Summit Alphalight Spork - Weight - 0.3 oz.  Cost - $8.95 from Amazon, $6.95 from Summithut.com


  Bag liner - Heavy Duty Contractor Bag.  Realistically, it is an issue staying dry on the Appalachian Trail.  I did some reading, and it was recommended to line your pack with a contractor trash bag to stay dry.  I used 2 bags the entire trip, my equipment stayed dry (while hiking).  Weight - 2 oz.  Cost - 20 bags for $7.88 from Amazon, OR 1 bag for 0.69 cents from Amazon.

Duct Tape + lighters - 2 oz.

  Headlamp - Black Diamond Storm Headlamp  Primarily used for reading, it was very handy when I decided to night hike.  Weight - 3.9 oz.  Cost - $39.88 from Amazon, $37.46 from Blackdiamondequipment.com.

Camera + charger - Nikon Coolpix AW120Waterproof, shockproof, Appalachian Trail proof - 9 oz.

Cell phone/charger/case/battery - Iphone 5s / New Trent (USB capable, charges 2-3 times they say)

Anker Dual USB Charger - Can charge 2 items simultaneously with 1 wall plug in.  (Handy for the phone/kindle, as well as when other people need to share the same outlet)

Glasses + case - Glasses/case/contacts/solution 6 oz.  I will be bringing contacts as well as glasses.

Hygiene - (toothbrush/paste/floss/nail clippers/soap (Dr Bronners peppermint)/germ-x)

Towel - bandana 1 0z.

First aid - (alcohol swabs/ibuprophen (lots)/benadryl/duct tape/bandaids/gauze/tweezers/safety pins) *Thanks Redditors!

Trail Guide/Journal - AWOL 2014 NOBO Guide 8 oz.

Kindle- 10.5 oz.(I read countless books on the Appalachian Trail, I use the kindle on every trip.  Worth the less than a lb. of weight in my opinion)

Knife - Smith & Wesson extreme ops knife   3.2 oz.

Body Glide Anti Chafe - 1.5 oz.