Intro to Pacific Crest Trail (northbound) Blog 2017 – Fresh

Hello, and welcome to my Pacific Crest Trail blog. On trail, I’m better known as Fresh, a trail name bestowed upon me by some 2013 Appalachian Trail thru hikers while hiking Maine’s famed 100 Mile Wilderness. I fell in love with long distance hiking during my 2014 Appalachian Trail thru hike, and will continue the adventure this summer with a thru hike of the 2,667.8 mile Pacific Crest Trail, beginning April 29th from the southern terminus at the California – Mexico border.

I attempted a blog on the A.T. but failed to keep it up. Trying to write a post of each day’s events became a monotonous chore, coupled with with my inability to write as poetically as Thoreau, made me lose interest by the sixth week on trail.

With this blog, I aim to take a bit of a different approach. I will be posting larger sections of the trail at a time, not daily entries. And instead of recapping my day, I want to answer any questions a potential PCT thru hiker might have about the pre hike preparations, on trail conditions and climate zones, resupply strategies, gear and clothing needed. In fact, I will post my gear list next, and I will post my resupply strategy before I leave for the southern terminus in April.

See you on the trail,

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