Enlightened Equipment – Enigma


The Enigma is the ideal minimalist quilt when weight and simplicity are critical. It is designed to decrease weight and space in your pack to an absolute minimum, simplify your sleep system and keep you plenty warm. It specifically features a round sewn-closed footbox. The round design in the footbox provides more room for your feet while reducing dead air space that needs to be heated. With the footbox being sewn closed, it requires no fuss or adjustment, and shedding the zipper shaves even more weight off. The sewn-closed footbox is also perfect for cold weather trips, as it helps reduce drafts and maintains maximum warmth.

The Enigma is the quilt for bike packers, mountaineers, backpackers, and packrafters, who need simple gear that takes up little space and is as light as possible.




Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz)

Nylon storage bag

Elastic Straps x2 (0.4oz each – One Straight, One Loop)


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